Pompano Beach  High School 


Grads Info

Name: James Haire III                                   

E-Mail: James@Haire.us

Spouse: Carole Anne McCall - Pompano - 1966

E-Mail: Carole@Haire.us

Years Married: 42   

Living In: Portland, TB       

Children: Two - Cyndi and Jim - the 4th

Grandchildren: Four

Other: We lived in the Pompano Area all our live until 2001 when we move to Jupiter, Fl and built a house to live and retire in.

However, due to economic changes our whole family moved to N. middle Ten.

Daughter lives in Westmoreland with husband and a boy and a girl.

Son lives in Portland with two Daughters.

I am semi-retired and work part-time for Home Depot after having my own painting business foe 11 years.