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         Pompano Beach  High School 


March, 2006



I am happy to say there have no reported illnesses this month.


I did receive a number of people reporting deaths of our classmates.


Tomorrow, we have 80 days until the reunion. Letís get those registrations in. Letís make this a whiz-bang of a reunion.


We are still looking for people who wish to go on the Jungle Queen. Nobody has responded to that. If we had something of an idea how many people would like to go, we might get a group rate discount.


Previously announced was a trip on a cruise ship. The cruise is for four hours. They have schedules when the ship goes, This will allow you to enjoy the cruise and attend the reunion. Maybe we can get group rates.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the following people


Pat Coleman-Barry

Mike lynch

Ron Martin (í60)

Bill Talbot

Richard Burbank

Ray Coffee

Don Dickerson

Ann Holthouse-schart

Sue Hardy-Santos

Nell Goodrich-Stephens

Eleanor Meister-LaCasse


May you have many more


Again, Do not forget to send your reunion reservations.