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         Pompano Beach  High School 


Februray, 2006


I am happy to say that I have not received any bad news this year. That means e3verybody survived the hangovers and festivities of the holidays.


It is important that you get your reservations in as soon as possible. This information is need to get a good planning for the reunion.


We have the following information for events planned, what is needed is the head count for those who want to attend any any functions.


A tour of the renovated alma mater, a cruise on the Jungle Queen, a tour of the Lighthouse for those who have never had the pleasure, a glass bottom boat cruise of reefs and a four cruise off shore for those who like to gamble.


Again, we need to know how many people would like to attend these events so we can to some good planning.


I have included the list of our classmates who left us. If you have any additions, please let me know.


Please stay in touch




Harry heath


In Memory


60                       Dale Bernath

60                       Douglas Bowman

60                       Judy Brown

60                       Tom Chapman

60                       Michael Gruber

60       Judy Hanna (Paine)

60                       Charles (Bro) Hankel

60                       Linda Hunter

60                       Gran Jenkins

60       Barbara Millman

60                              Charles Kirkland

60                       Charles Price

60                       Betty Sinram

60                       Phil Stahl

60       Clinton Walton


61       Lamar Anderson

61       Bonny Biltz

61       Sara Jo Brownlow

61       Robert Blount

61       Ted Collier

61       Herbert Glatti

61       Martha Giles

61       Billy Hall

61       Henry Hardin

61       Wendy Murray

61       Dennis Puleo

61       Patricia Richards

61       Morrel Vaugh

61       Ronald Walker

61       Forrest Willingham


62       Walter Green

62       Walter (Buddy) Hobbs

62       Joan Hughs

62       Yolanda Johns

62       Lynn LaCasse

62       Richard Lacey

62       George Lukocevich

62       Ward Shandoff

62       Willard Stephens

    62      Maureen Whalen