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All the thanks should go to you, Kurt; and also to Bob Schultz, Dr. Bob Agnew, Jim Haire and Harry Heath.


Many people I talked to at the reunion Saturday evening suggested the idea of doing our next reunion someplace different, i.e., other than Pompano or the Lauderdale area. Several people who suggested this idea still live down there and apparently want to spend their traveling money elsewhere.  I agree, and think that we should consider this idea; and I told several friends that I would put the idea in front of the main players (you guys).     


Accordingly, I hereby volunteer to join this fabulous point group of active grads, and suggest that we get started very soon coordinating the next reunion because it is the PBHS BIG 50, and is coming on like gangbusters (we all know now that five years is like a heartbeat these days!):   


So: Letís get started by taking a poll regarding the following alternative forums for The Big 50.


 Click reply to all, and then either cut and paste the ones you like, or delete the ones that you hate, or rank all of them in the order you prefer.


I will report the groupís three favorite choices within 48 hours of receiving at least a 50% response (about 15 people):


1.                  Four day, three night Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas, Jamaica, wherever, (departing from Cape Canaveral, Ft. Lauderdale or Miami);

2.                  Four day, three night cruise to Key West, then to Mexico, etc. (departing from Tampa or St. Petersburg);

3.                  Four day three night Caribbean cruise to the islands in the lesser Antilles (departing from and returning to one of the out islands);

4.                  Four day, three night Mississippi River cruise on the Delta Queen Steamship line (departing from and returning to New Orleans);

5.                  Two, three or four day Broadway show/sightseeing/museum junket to Manhattan;

   6.         Two, three or four day gambling junket to Las Vegas or Biloxi;

   7.         Two, three or four day sightseeing junket to someplace nice like San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Seattle; or (my favorite):

   8.        Two, three or four day relaxing junket to a secluded area of Hawaii or the Polynesian Islands.


Bruce A. Minnick

3116 Capital Circle NE, Ste #10

Post Office Drawer 15588

Tallahassee, Florida 32317-5588



So far most replies are going for a cruise.

Please let Bruce or I ,Jim Haire   james@Haire.us know, I am trying to get some idea of prices from my cruise sales person.



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