Pompano Beach  High School 


Grads Info

As of 2004

Name:  Patsy Coleman (Barry)

E-Mail:  patb14519@yahoo.com

Spouse:  see below


Living In: Lake Lure, N.C.


Years Married:




Hi everybody, I'm overweight, retired (yeah!) and happy. I've been married 3 times first to good old Vince, then 25 years later to Santo Stramonine, who passed away in 1995 from kidney failure. Met the greatest man and married again in 2001. I have 3 boys. Gordon who is married and teaches in a Christian school in Austin, Texas. Tim who is married with 2 daughters and works for North Carolina Dept of Transportation in Greensboro, NC. And Santo, Jr who wants to be a rock star. (Didn't we all want that?) But supports himself by working in a gas station/convience store and is also a glassblower. My brother Norman Coleman (remember him?) is married to Marcia Buis and he lives in Palm Aire and Brevard NC (in the summers). And Jim my younger brother is in Ormond Beach. They all had 3 kids and lots of grands. Sadly Jim lost his oldest boy in a car crash in 1998.
What a great website. Can't believe you did it Harry. Weren't you on the swim team with me in the good old days?