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Eleanor Kahlert Wilson (60) gives the news that Bonny Blitz Higgins (61) is doing and should be home from the hospital soon. Bonny’s email is


Diane Parnell Gosheff (62) has advised ther her husband Conrad is undergoing treatments for prostate cancer. Keep him in your prayers.   


Finally this guys is also starting to undergo prostate cancer treatment. If I am not able to send any newsletter, please forgive me. I will need to expect some input from you folks. Where is micky miles and his bio. Barbara orris and susy gray byrd, I need yours also.



Joy Mauldin Wagner (61)


Thought I would share this with you folks.


Dear Harry, Thanks for your inquiry about Mother.  I'm glad that the
Marsh family had heard, as we did not contact them for the funeral;
everything happened so fast and I would assume them not to be in Pompano
in the summer anyway.

Mother had a massive stroke on July 16 and died on July 20 without
leaving the retirement center she considered home since she moved there
last November to recover from a broken arm that happened in a fall at her
house in Orlando.  She had been living alone since Daddy died in 1998
first at their home in Pompano then moving to Orlando in 2000 into a
sweet little house a block away from Gail.  We think she was having a
series of mini-stokes (TIA's) for about the last 5 years and abetted a
dementia that we began to detect but was well enough to fly out here and
visit me for 3 weeks in 2002. The fall and the related traumas pushed
along the dementia and she was deteriorating rapidly from that. Then this
big stroke hit and paralized her.  She had just gone on hospice care (at
the nursing home) the very day of the stroke and had already planned to
have no life-extending measures.  My husband Tom and I flew down on July
17 and celebrated our 25th anniversary on the 19th with dinner out.  We
had to postpone a big party planned here. Mother thoughtfully passed away
the next day.  She was such a dear!

All of Gail's and my children were there, and Phyllis Chapman and
Henrietta Taylor helped us in many ways with the childcare we needed in
Pompano for Gail's grandchildren (four!), and Phyllis & Bob hosted a
dinner for us after the funeral which was at First Baptist on Thursday
July 24.  Many people attended, which was so gratifying to us.  Herschel
Creaseman preached, Al Fennell sang, and I gave a eulogy.

Gail also had a memorial service in Orlando and Gail gave the eulogy
there. Diane Parnell and husband Conrad Gosheff came to that one.

Mother is buried at Pompano Cemetery next to Daddy, her sister Elizabeth
Welburn and husband Charles and her parents, John and Sallie Awtrey.
There were many nice flowers and memorial gifts to the Florida Baptist
Children's Home.

I passed your request for info along to Gail.  She is so busy but perhaps
she will also write you herself.

Love,  Joy


Maryann Egan Bryan (61)


Hi Harry,
Sorry you haven't heard from me recently. Keep in mind I am a realtor and the season plus the interest rates. I did send you detailed information on my life and the kids. I guess you didn't get it. Here goes again.

I graduated from the University of Evansville. I was a Phys Ed teacher at a
local high school before I had the kids. I married and had three boys. David is 33 and is married, lives in Indianapolis, and is completing residency in
Urology this year. He and Shannon just had a baby boy last week. This is my
first grandchild, Colin Burke Bryan. He is beautiful of course. My second child is Daniel. He is married and living in Seattle. He is doing post Doctorate work in Chemistry at the University of Washington. He and his wife Stephanie, are in to backpacking and mountain climbing. Scares me to death. The third son, Doug, and his fiancee just moved from Indy to Denver. He has set up his own ticket broker business for sporting events and concerts. Go to to view his web site.

As for me, I have been a realtor in Evansville for 17 years. I am a Re/Max
agent. I have my broker's license and love it. I got a divorced 6 years ago and met a wonderful guy 4 years ago. We were married on Maui on the beach at sunset
this past March 11th. He was single for 30 years and has no kids. He is retired and 4 years older than me. We love to snow ski, boat, dance and have fun. I still water ski too. Got to keep this old body active. I will attach a wedding picture of Phil and I. I sent you some before, but I guess they are in deep internet space.

I hope this is a good update. I forgot to tell you, my brother Roger Egan past
away 7 years ago of a brain aneurysm. I really miss him.

Just curious, is Jill  the Jill Proctor I knew?

Take Care,
Maryann Bryan

That is the news for this month. Remember keep a prayer for the ill folks and forgive me If I miss next month



Harry Heath