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Diane Rocheleau Smith (60)


Thought I would send along some news of our "Annual Girls Reunion" which included Judy (Van Dyne) Jones, Carolyn (Smith) Harrington, Cecilia (Walsh) Dunlavey, Patricia (Walsh) Kledzik, Ella Kate (Shadoin) Morgan and myself, Diane (Rocheleau) Smith. "Chickie" (Casso) Spadoni was to join us also but was scheduled for foot surgery the following week and had to stay off her feet. As you know, her husband Ron had another stroke which happened prior to Chickie's surgery (which didn't take place) and we need to keep this special couple in our thoughts and prayers. Our reunion took place July 25th-27th at the Marriott Hutchinson Island Resort and we all had a wonderful time together. If it wasn't for Judy we propably wouldn't be having these get-aways' as she sets them up and we all show up for the fun. The accomodations were beautiful!! We usually all bring photos of our families to share and ofcourse the PBHS year books and recent photos of our Class Reunion are a big part of it too. We made a call to Chickie as we really wished she could have been with us too. We all had a great weekend and are looking forward to next years' "Golden Girls' Reunion" -name given us by Chickies' daughter.


Harry Heath (60)


Well everybody is asking “How was the mini-reunion?” All I can really say is “WOW”. It was fantastic. Kathy Jones Whiteside (62) really did an OUTSTANDING job. The next tentative reunion is May, 2004. I will let you know more as we go along. Many of the people were from out of state. Here is a short list of those people.


Ron Smoak (62) and his wife Martha            Madison, Florida

Tamsie McClure Litzinger (60)             Hanahan, South Carolina

Peggy McClure Ray (62)                         Tryon, North Carolina

Eric Valier (62)                                          Seffner, Forida

Tom Hahn (62)                                          Roanoke, Virginia

Fred Rhode (62)                                         North Augusta, S. C.

Sharon Bourne Brooks (60)                       Central, South Carolina



As you can see, they came from everywhere. About 40-45 people came. The reunion was from 6 P.M. until ????? I left about 8:30 P.M. What a blast and I cannot look forward to the next one.


We need some help. If somebody from each class would help search in their class, I t would be a big help. The big problem that I am having is search for the girls. Many (most) have changed their names when they married, thus I am unable to look for them. Please help for they are you classmates also.


I go into the hospital October 30 for an operation for prostate cancer (yes it is my turn). It was found very early during a routine physical. I will be receiving Radiation Treatments until after the New years. If I miss the next month newsletter, Please do not get mad but try and help me locate some missing people.


For those that went to the reunion July, 2002, use you book you received from the reunion. Those who did not go, Please look in your yearbooks.


I hope all is doing well and everybody is healthy. Write when you get a chance. I need some “Bio” that have been promised to me by many people. It need not be long, a short one or two paragraph is great.