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MAY 2005


Let’s keep Martha Giles mothershead in our thoughts and prayers.


I wonder how many of our group are into planting? I started this year (again) and having a ball. My Irises (purple and pale lavender with yellow throats) are blooming like crazy. I might just turn into a farmer as I was in the young old day (pre high school). I gotta go plant some seeds.


Well, Here it is folks, we finally have a date. Get out your dancing shoes (the blue suede one’s). The date for the next reunion is May 19th and 20th 2006. We tried to get a date in April but with Passover, Easter and the Air and Sea show all around the same time, it was not possible. At least now we can get some folks who moved away from the heat and mugginess to come “home” for the reunion. The gala times will be at the Bahia Mar hotel and resort.  Looking at the last reunion we had 300+ people there. We are hoping to have more of the people that missed the last reunion that is one of the rules in looking for a hotel. I am really looking forward to it and want each and everyone of you not to say that you will “try” but “WILL” there.


One rule that Ron martin and I have given is the some folks are on a fixed income (budget) and the response was, “The most bang for the buck” what ever that meant. I just hope the cost is not to exorbitant.   Whatever, as long as I am able to gather the “family” and have a great time. Girls, if you can still fit a bikini (the kind we had as teenagers, not thongs please) and the guys have ripple muscles then let’s go to the beach and show off. Never mind, let’s  go fishing guys and let the girls do there thing. I have a great hankering to go salt fishing.


The company FIRST REUNION will be sending the information to you in the near future. Let’s keep the date open and HOPE nothing interferes.


Mark your calendars and get to saving all your pennies for us to have a grand ball of a time.

Harry Heath