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Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2006 2:56 PM


July, 2006

Susan Brockway (62)

I received a note from Susan’s ex-husband that see passed away some years ago. I wonder where her brother is. What is the information on her ex-husband? He was in class ‘62


The Reunion was a smash. We were honored to have Mr Bob Ousley and his wife Bernice. Also Tucker Morris and Glen Sanderson were there. What a pleasure to have them visit us. By the way, Tucker Morris looks just like he did when graduated. We must include Dr.  Alan Drake who was our bandleader.


We had many people we have not seen since graduation. Let’s plan on the next reunion in 2010. this will be a 50th jubilee. Can you believe this? Where did time go.


I was wondering if you would give your thoughts as to where you would like the next reunion.  Do still want to have it Broward county or would you like to have it in northern Georgia. Maybe even a thought for North Carolina. There are many great sites and parks to enjoy.


In case you are wondering, it takes at least a year to organize the reunion. I may know a lot of people, but a lot of people I do not know. This is especially true for married ladies. What is the married name? Without this knowledge they are lost. If anyone in classes ’61 and ’62 can lend some help in locating our missing classmates, it will be very appreciated.


Speaking of missing people, as unusual the booklet for the reunion is full of errors. I will again correct as many as I can.
The problem is the company does not know our classmates and has to rely on information given to them. If the classmates who received the brochure for the reunion did not return them, they are lost. Not always true. I have a not of so-called missing people.


Write me soon and let me hear the news

Harry Heath ‘60