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July 2005


I wish to let everybody know I will be in Tennessee with my sister Martha Heath Hodges (61) July 1 thru July 17.


In the recent days looking the organization of the upcoming reunion, I got to wondering how many people from the first grade that became class the graduating classes of 1960, 1961 and 1962. I would love to know since I am one of the members of Mrs. Fox (Wright) class. It would be interesting if we could all get to gather and have a group picture of the three first grade classes.


For those who are wondering, the reunion company has started to work on the flyers. You should see them sometime during July.


I want to thank Sue Ewing Schupack (61) for all her efforts in organizing the many activities.

The reunion committee will not start a group for the activities, that is your responsibility. We only find the information for your enjoyment. A special thanks to Jim Haire (62) and Jim Hood (60) in finding classmates.


Here is one from Bob Demay (60)



 Thanks for sharing Linda's and your stories. 

My wife and I also live in Northern VA, and I know there are at least 5 other PBSHS Alums in Northern VA as well.


Here is my story:

After completing high school, I attended electronic technician vocational training in Miami.  Completed that in December of 61 with an Associates Degree, and was hired by RCA in Cherry Hill, NJ.  I met my wife, Doris, there and we were married in 1963.  RCA moved me to Detroit, back to Cherry Hill, to Harrisburg (the first home shared by my wife and I), then to New York City.  We lived in Queens Village, then Holbrook, LI, then Bergen County, NJ.  By then, 1971,  we had a daughter and 4 sons, when I went to work for Memorex.  They moved us to Margate, FL for 3.5 years, then to San Jose, CA in 1974 for 4 years.  By this time I was a Programmer in the Engineering Department, then a course developer and trainer. 


After 11 moves in 18 years to seven different states, we felt our family needed some roots, and took a transfer to VA with Tandem Computers in 1979.  We have been in Springfield VA, ever since. 


Since settling here I had the opportunity to go back to school and completed my BA in Management.  Doris received her's one year latter.  I then became an avocational instructor of the Dale Carnegie Course for several years.  Wrote and published a book, "Stress Free Public Speaking".


Our kids grew up and Doris began her career as a political fund raiser, where we met a lot of important folks, and was once at a party attended by President Regan and Nancy.  Doris then worked on Capitol Hill for several years working for a member of the House, then on the Ways and Means committee.  She was with United Way International as their Government Affairs liaison, then as VP of Development at Catholic Charities.  She now works with me in our business.


I Left Tandem Computers, and worked for Amdahl Computers until I volunteered for an early out in 1993.  We purchased a Furniture Medic Franchise in 1996, and have done quite well.  We are now trying to decide if we will sell the business when our 10 year franchise expires or to renew.  We are having so much fun doing this, I wish I would have had the opportunity 10 years earlier.


I have been involved with Boy Scouting for many years; committee member and Assistant Scout master in California and VirginiaScout Master for about 8 years.  Escorted 9 Boys to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico where we hiked 84 miles in 11 days up and down the Rocky Mountains.  Now as a member of the local Rotary Club, we have sponsored a new troop for physically and mentally handicapped boys. 


Doris and I have always loved animals.  We have 3 border collies and a cat.  If anyone knows anything about dogs,they understand that border collies need to work.  We searched for a couple of years, but after trying herding, got hooked, as have the dogs.  We visit a couple of farms every month or so, and herd sheep, under the tutelage of a master.   We have competed and won some ribbons.  So, I guess for my third career, I'll become a Shepard.  When we finally retire we want to get a small farm with sheep.


Our daughter has an 8 year old boy, whose father died, so I and my two sons who live in the area serve as substitutes.  One of our sons has daughters 8 and 5, and a son 3.  All of our children and grand children live locally except our youngest son who lives with his wife in Antioch, CA.


This life, as we all experience,has had its ups and downs;  We have had fun and have had challenges.  I believe that God placed us all on this planet with a plan in mind; we are sent here to learn, to overcome, and to bring joy to others.  We are doing the best we can and I think so far we are winning.



And here is Kurt

Kurt Uhlig (61)

Kurt plays many different instruments including keyboards, vibes, marimba, drums, bass, guitar and flute.

During his high school years Kurt not only performed with his high school band as a soloist, he was also a percussionist with the Ft. Lauderdale Symphony Orchestra and the Miami Pops Orchestra.

After high school Kurt was awarded a full music scholarship to the University of Miami. He obtained his formal education there, and was a marimba soloist with the touring concert band. He also arranged and wrote all of the arrangements for the band to use to back his solos.

When Kurt left college he toured the the nation to perform at Radio City Music Hall, the New York World's Fair and Lake Tahoe to mention just a few.

Later: (to serve his tour of duty) Kurt joined the 291st - 282 Army Bands. His job was to lead and play in a George Shearing type quintet (Kurt played vibes). He also had a six piece Dixieland group in which he played guitar. His main job however, was to lead and write arrangements for an 18 piece big band . After his tour of duty in the army Kurt worked for Swanson Studios in N.Y. and Florida as a musician, engineer, writer, arranger and producer. You may recall some of the memorable jingles the studio produced, such as "Northwest Orient ... (gong) ... Airlines." and "T-I-D-E ... Tide."

At that same time Kurt and his wife Lori formed their own show group called "Critic's Choice" and performed with stars such as Foster Brooks, Telly Savalas and Andy Williams.

As you can see, Kurt has had an extensive musical background in writing, arranging, performing and recording. For the last 15 years Kurt has been producing some of the best music tracks you'll find anywhere! He now also offers a web site design service geared exclusively to the entertainment business. Why not take advantage of his experience and knowledge? Drop an E-mail or give him a call

Or call:
 (954) 943-2176 / FAX (954) 943-2176


A note from Jim Hood (60)




You might mention in your next Newsletter that I am up here in Mammoth Hot springs, Yellowstone NP.  I work in the GAO (accounting office) and my wife runs the gift shop.


I would welcome those that come to the park this summer.


If anyone is here - try calling 307-344-5541 Tuesday thru Friday 7 to 5:30.  We'll at least say "Hello!"




Jim Hood . .

A final note, we have two people from class 58 and two people from class 59 coming. If your want to invite some of your friends from those classes, feel free to do so.