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Please send a note to Gail Mauldin Pyle (’60) and Joy Mauldin Wagner as their mother passed away recently.

Gail is and Joy is JOYWAGNER@JUNO.COM


Sandy Peck (’60)


All is well in Minnesota. As some of you know, I opened Peck Audiology and Hearing Health, Inc. a few months ago. I leased office space for two years, put together a used sound proof booth, bought some audiology equipment, and office furniture. I test hearing and sell hearing aids. Opening this new office is challenging, especially when I have a full time job working as an audiologist at the St. Cloud VA Medical Center. My plan is to wear these two hats for about four years, then retire from the VA and spend more time at my private practice.


I find this challenge invigorating for the most part because I can tailor my business to match my values. My logo is "Peck Audiology, Helping You Hear The Ones You Love." I've had a steep learning curve. The ins and outs of marketing is a kick. I've been dragging my dog and pony show around to who ever will let me talk at meetings. The local newspapers, radio station and I are on first name basis. I learned that the hearing aid manufacturers will reimburse me 100% for the first $5,000 I spend on advertising if their logo is somewhere on the ad. I can do that. The money goes towards purchasing hearing aids from them.  I hired a marketing group to write an introductory letter to the physicians in town, applied to become a provider for several insurances, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medica, etc, hired a friend to teach me Quick Books Pro and on and on. I have an answering service that schedules my appointments in the evenings during the week and on Saturdays. I see people by appointment only. I'm not trying to keep the door open specific hours yet.


The marketing group is helping me get a domain. That should be up and running soon.


My goodness, I'm breathless. I try to get to the gym in the early morning before going into the VA, spend time with friends, visit children and grandchildren, read my mystery novels. I do like Dan Brown and James Patterson. I ride my bicycle along the bike path that runs next to the Mississippi River which is about a mile from my house. My garden is lovely. I hired someone to help me weed, another person to clean my house and yet another to cut the grass. The other maintenance stuff I can handle.


I look forward to hearing how all of you are doing. Oh, this last Christmas, I flew to England to join my daughter and her family. We stayed with her husband's brother's family in an old country manor house with stables and lots of out buildings. I learned what crackers are at the holiday dinner. They are not what I expected. We sat around the table wearing our crepe paper crowns and making popping sounds with these crackers. There went my vision of a prim and proper traditional English Christmas.


I'll be heading off for Frisco, Colorado (which is between Vail and Breckenridge) the third week in August to join my daughter and her family for a week. I rent a house near theirs, they call it Nana's house. The children and I bead bracelets, take walks, play games, read, have adventures.. It is great fun. They are 6 and 4. This is the third year I've done this. It keeps getting to be more and more fun.



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Many times I read in the Classmates that some people would want to go travel in a RV after retirement. I recently read a periodical called “Holiday Rambler RV Club”, phone number 866-529-6567, email The address is 413 Walnut Street Green Cove Springs, Fla. 32043-3443. Sounds Like fun.  Another idea would be for us  email each other and form our own plans when/where we want to.


Write soon and send me some news.


Harry Heath