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APRIL 2005


The beginning of a new month is upon us and summer is almost here. The clocks have been sent forward one hour. For some people it is a reprieve from all the snow. Jack and Janine walls had 24 inches in Rochester, Minn.  Too much for me. For the folks still Florida, time to get the sun blocker out and start wearing the short-shorts for yard work.


Well I finally finished the class roster for the upcoming reunion. Talked with Ron Martin (’60) and soon we will begin making plans for the big time coming up. If anyone wants to input your ideas for things to do, or a theme then by all means let me know.


Trying to locate people for the reunion committee, I plan to be down in Florida April 21st thru the weekend. I will call everybody by then.


A lot of folks stated they would like the reunion some other time than July. I am for that. It is too HOT and muggy then. A few said that they would like to go on a cruise. One person he would to go a 3 – 4 days cruise. Many folks told me that was a not an option for them. Some people only go for the Saturday night party. Let’s hear from some more folks.


I have found a lot folks are retiring or have retired recently and just case in point, o.g. chapman. Lived just a few miles from me and now is has disappeared. I spoke with him not too long ago.


I had a long chat with Ron Martin last night. Rom asked me to be chairman for this reunion. No worries as the say in Australia.  We also discussed at having the reunion at different time of the year. Some folks will not go back to Florida in the summer. I do not much blame them. Please let me know what is your thoughts for the time of the year to hold the reuniWe want this to be a BIG BLAST and a great fun time.  Okay, now let me see those email messages coming back. They are much needed. Please send to them as soon as you can.



Harry Heath ‘60